Mission: To promote and support the studio through volunteering and providing resources.

EVENTS of 2017

  • Annual Meeting at Trappers Turn featuring a presentation by Jim Murphy, a long time pilot for the Dells Boat Tours. He spoke about the geological history of the Wisconsin River, the technology and importance of the boat tours since the 1860s.
  • Metcalf/Bennett Friend Award given to Cheryl and Dan Boehmke.
  • Wisconsin’s Best Photography Contest awarded prizes to Mary Lee Agnew, Laurie Nikolai-Svetlik and Vanina Russo.
  • Sponsored Summer Intern Jeremy Swick who worked to catalog the stereoscopic slides of the Studio and helped to research H.H. Bennett’s portable darkroom.
  • Welcomed Guest Services Coordinator Jenna Loda-Eddy who managed the store and worked with director David Rambow to develop upcoming projects.

THANK YOU to the Gregory C. Van Wie Charitable Foundation!
For their generous donation that will support upgrading selected exhibits at the H.H. Bennett Studio in 2018.

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