Mission: To promote and support the studio through volunteering and providing resources.

Friends of H.H. Bennett Studio Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at H.H Bennett Studio is both an opportunity and a necessity. There are many jobs that volunteers help to accomplish.
The Site Coordinator is the only year round employee, several part time people are hired during the May to October season when the H.H. Bennett Studio is open 7 days a week. Volunteers become the “extra hands” a small staff appreciates to enhance the Museum experience for visitors.  
Friends of H.H. Bennett Studio hosts an Annual Meeting and Celebration each year in April with unique programming at the event, volunteers help to plan, register guests, set up displays and more.
Volunteers sometimes solicit and serve refreshments at programs like a new gallery show opening or serve wine or desserts at our annual Wine Walk event.
 Under the supervision of the Site Coordinator, volunteers have done a total inventory of the Museum, vacuumed and dusted, cleaned windows and connected with interesting people and organizations to suggest programs.
We have sorted, organized, moved furniture, set up seating for the WoZhaWa parade and appeared on a WoZhaWa float in costume.
Some do financial or legal work, some write, and some lead Museum tours for groups. We respond to the needs of the Site and offer  some new ideas too.
 There is a place for you and your ideas. 

Friends of H.H. Bennett

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